This logo design is for a hockey team in Columbus, OH. The client wanted to update the current team logo while keeping the Wampa Monster (Star Wars) Theme. They also wanted to incorporate the city of Columbus. The logo needed to be in vector format for embroidering onto jersey.

I started the process by doing some research on what a Wampa creature looks like and found some reference for the Columbus skyline. After I found some reference images I did some sketching to come up with a character and logo shape that would work well on a jersey. I thought it would be cool to make the Wampa a hockey player, so I gave him a hockey stick and aggressive stance. Since this would be embroidered and printed at different sizes I didn’t go too crazy on the detail, but rather a bold graphic style that would reproduce well and be easy to read. After I was happy with the final sketch I re-drew the logo in Illustrator making a clean vector file with spot colors for production.
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